What is the Plaque That Causes Atherosclerosis

The plaque that causes Atherosclerosis is a combination things …

What is the Plaque That Causes Atherosclerosis This combination of things can include cholesterol, other fatty materials, calcium, and blood components that stick to the artery wall lining. A hard shell or scar covers the plaque.

Plaques have various sizes and shapes. Some plaques are unstable and can rupture or burst. When this happens, it causes blood clotting inside the artery.

If a blood clot totally blocks the artery, it stops blood flow completely. This is what happens in most heart attacks and strokes.

What causes plaque to form in arteries?

Although many risk factors are well known, the exact causes of atherosclerosis are not clear. Too much cholesterol in the blood, damage to the artery wall and inflammation appear to play important roles in plaque buildup.

Researchers are studying why and how the arteries become damaged, how plaque develops and changes over time, and why plaque can break open and lead to blood clots.

There may be other factors that prove to be important in causing atherosclerosis.

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