Vedic Meditation is an Alternative Therapy for Alcoholism


Vedic Meditation is an Alternative Therapy for Alcoholism

The regular practice of Vedic Meditation is a very effective alternative therapy for alcoholism.

People who are regular with their meditation experience lower rates of alcohol consumption and higher rates of total abstinence from alcoholic beverages.

Vedic Meditation is an effective therapeutic and preventive measure in the treatment of the misuse of alcohol and other chemical substances.

People report that they simply drink less, in a very spontaneous manner. They continue to drink alcohol, but they remain in control.

Alcoholism is often, but not always, proceeded by low self-esteem, a sense of meaninglessness, and lack of coping skills. All factors which contribute to the establishment and maintenance of any chemical addiction.

Whereas the use of Vedic Meditation, as a positive alternative to alcohol consumption, enhances self-esteem and creates a healthy, long-term sense of well-being in place of the temporary rush achieved through alcohol misuse and other self-destructive behaviours.

Personal comments from meditators also suggest that the steady decline in the consumption of alcoholic beverages is in many instances incidental, one of many health benefits of the regular practice of Vedic Meditation, regardless of whether those people are employing the technique as a therapy for alcoholism or for other, unrelated reasons.

Considering its numerous psychological effects as well as its rewarding health benefits, Vedic Meditation may be an appealing alternative to those whose previous treatment outcomes were unsuccessful or unsatisfying. In light of the poor success rates obtained by the majority of alcohol abuse prevention and treatment programs, a technique which fosters self-efficacy, stability, and a sense of empowerment may be just what is needed by alcohol abusers.

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Vedic Meditation is a very effective alternative therapy for the treatment of alcoholism:

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… the combination of Vedic Meditation, for twenty minutes twice a day, with a good diet. Especially a low fat, low salt diet. And physical exercise should see a dramatic change in your health.

Vedic Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques available for reducing stress and anxiety. It is also one of the easiest to learn and simplest to practice.

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