The Medical Benefits of Meditation

The purpose of this site is to familiarise health professionals and the general public with the medical benefits of Meditation, with emphasis on heart and cardiovascular disease, its risk factors, stress, hypertension, and overall health.

The medical benefits of meditation

We don’t mean to alarm you,
but you might be about to have a heart attack!

I think you’ll agree with me when I say that’s statement is probably a bit melodramatic right?

However, looking at these heart-stopping statistics from the NZ Heart Foundation, you might see our reason for concern!

16 deaths a day Every 90 minutes a New Zealander dies from coronary heart disease.

40% of deaths in New Zealand are caused by Cardiovascular disease (heart, stroke and blood vessel disease).

One in twenty adults have been diagnosed with coronary heart disease. That’s 161,000 adults and includes 118,500 with angina and 89,400 who have had a heart attack resulting in them being hospitalised.

Women who smoke risk having a heart attack on average 19 years earlier than non-smoking women.

Nearly two-thirds of the deaths from heart attacks in women occur among those who have no history of chest pain.

42 per cent of women who have heart attacks die within a year, compared with 24 percent of men. Heart attacks in women under 50 are twice as likely to be fatal as in men under 50.

Many of these deaths are premature and preventable.

Obesity is a risk factor for a number of diseases including coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and some cancers.

– Approximately one in two New Zealanders is obese or overweight.

– One in five New Zealanders older than 15 smoke.

– It is estimated that 5,000 people in New Zealand die prematurely from smoking each year – this equates to around 12 people a day dying from smoking.

Fortunately, there are many things that YOU can do to prevent and / or minimise the impact of any Cardiovascular event that occurs in your life.

We suggest that you bookmark this website and visit it regularly – it is a lot to take in all at once – and we also suggest that you make small changes. Introduce one change into your life and when that has become a normal daily activity / routine / ingredient then introduce another. Otherwise, it all gets too much. You, your family and dog will not adapt the sudden change of a lifetime and you will give up!

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There are many things that you can do, starting today, to prevent heart disease and/or just stay healthy:


… the combination of Vedic Meditation, for twenty minutes twice a day, with a good diet – especially a low fat, low salt diet – and physical exercise, should see a dramatic change in your health.

Vedic Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques available for reducing stress and anxiety. It is also one of the easiest to learn and simplest to practice.

If you are in Auckland (NZ) call me, Warwick Jones, on 021 532 768, or email to find our how Vedic Meditation could help you achieve better health.

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