Lowering Cholesterol and Treatment Options

For some people, it is necessary to combine cholesterol lowering medications with changes in life habits to get enough of a reduction in cholesterol.

Lowering Cholesterol and Treatment Options

Your doctor can help to decide which activities, or a combination of activities, will be right for you. Lowering cholesterol is not impossible, you just need to understand the cause and which cholesterol lowering methods will work best for you.

Fortunately, though, most people can control their total serum cholesterol by following a healthy diet; maintaining a healthy weight for their age, height, and body type; and participating in a regular exercise program.

A healthy diet includes the daily recommended servings of fruits, vegetables, beans, and whole grains. While you don’t need to give up all red meats and foods containing saturated fats, they should be eaten in moderation. The key to a healthy diet is not to deprive yourself of foods you like. Therefore, they key to a healthy diet is balance them with more healthy foods.

Choose foods low in cholesterol

Whilst dietary cholesterol can raise your blood cholesterol level, it is usually not as much as saturated fat. So it is important to choose foods low in dietary cholesterol. Dietary cholesterol is found only in foods that come from animals. Many of these foods are also high in saturated fat.

Foods from plant sources do not have cholesterol but can contain saturated fat. To lower the amount of cholesterol in your diet, choose plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, and moderate amounts of lean meats, skinless poultry, and fish.

Recent studies have shown that cholesterol lowering in people without heart disease greatly reduces their risk of developing CHD, including heart attacks and CHD-related death. This is true for those with high cholesterol levels and for those with average cholesterol levels.

Treatment of high cholesterol will depend on its cause. Where high cholesterol is caused by a diet high in fatty foods, it can be lowered by altering your diet.

Foods to avoid include:

  • whole eggs
  • shellfish
  • organ meats such as liver, brain, heart, kidneys
  • snacks that are high in saturated fats
  • lunch meats that are high in saturated fats
  • fried foods
  • and desserts that are high in fats.

Some tips for lowering your fat intake include:

  • removing the fat from meats before cooking them
  • using egg whites instead of whole eggs
  • and using skim milk and other low-fat dairy products

A diet high in fresh fruits, grains, vegetables, and beans is important to good health. Read the labels on the products you buy; sometimes just reading the ingredients of unhealthy foods is enough to prevent you from buying them!

If high cholesterol is caused by an inherited disorder, the combination of medication and a healthy diet is the best method to control cholesterol levels.

Commonly prescribed medications include:

  • cholestyramine
  • colestipol
  • lovastatin
  • pravastatin
  • simvastatin
  • probucol
  • gemfibrozil
  • or niacin

Like most drugs, these have possible side effects that your health professional should discuss with you. Sometimes high cholesterol is caused by a disease or illness. In which case, the treatment will be specific to the underlying disease. Everyone with high cholesterol also benefits from a doctor-approved exercise program.

Exercise Plays an Important Role in Maintaining Health

Exercise Plays an Important Role in Maintaining Health

Exercise increases circulation and helps remove the toxins and impurities that have accumulated in the physiology

These deposits are a major factor in the breakdown of the resistance of the body. Exercise is a key procedure for helping the body’s natural internal cleansing processes.

Exercise Instructions for all body types

Meditation Reduces Serum Cholesterol Levels

Stress and anxiety are among the factors that can increase cholesterol levels. The regular practice of Vedic Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, which naturally helps reduce cholesterol.

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There are many things you can do to prevent heart disease and/or just stay healthy:


… the combination of Vedic Meditation, for twenty minutes twice a day, with a good diet – especially a low fat, low salt diet – and physical exercise, should see a dramatic change in your health.

Vedic Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques available for reducing stress and anxiety. This technique is also one of the easiest to learn and simplest to practice.

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