Benefits of Weight Loss

Weight loss, as modest as 5 to 15% of total body weight in a person who is overweight or obese, reduces the risk factors for some diseases

Benefits of Weight Loss

Being overweight is a risk factor for health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides, arthritis, gall bladder disease, gynecologic problems, some cancers, and even lung problems.

The benefits of weight loss, as modest as 5 to 15% of total body weight in a person who is overweight or obese, reduces the risk factors for some diseases, particularly heart disease. Weight loss can result in lower blood pressure, lower blood sugar, and improved cholesterol levels.

Some people who need to lose weight for their health don’t recognise it, while others who don’t need to lose weight, want to get thinner for cosmetic reasons.

There is more understanding today that in some ways your weight is different from, for example, your cholesterol level or your blood pressure because you can’t see what these are by looking at someone.

Many people have experienced health-care providers whose approach to weight is less-than-sensitive or even helpful. Some patients may have had health-care encounters in which they felt blamed, but not helped.

Exercise Plays an Important Role in Maintaining Health

Exercise Plays an Important Role in Maintaining Health

Exercise increases circulation and helps remove the toxins and impurities that have accumulated in the physiology

These deposits are a major factor in the breakdown of the resistance of the body. Exercise is a key procedure for helping the body’s natural internal cleansing processes.

Exercise Instructions for all body types.

Successful Weight Management is a Long-Term Challenge

Most people trying to lose weight focus on just that one goal: weight loss. However, the most productive areas to focus on are the dietary and exercise changes that will lead to that long-term weight change.

So an important first step to effortless weight loss is setting the right goals. In the Behaviours That Will Help You Lose Weight section we give you tips on how to select two or three goals at a time to successfully manage your weight.

How to Tell if Your Are Overweight

Two key measures are used to determine if someone is overweight. These are the Body Mass Index, or BMI, and waist circumference. BMI relates weight to height. It gives an approximation of total body fat — and that’s what increases the risk of obesity-related diseases. Overweight is defined as a BMI of 25 to 29.9; obesity is defined as a BMI equal to or more than 30.

A person with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above the healthy weight range* may benefit from weight loss, especially if he or she has other health risk factors, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, a sedentary lifestyle, and a personal and/or family history of heart disease.

* Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)
But BMI may overestimate body fat or inaccurately estimate total body fat in muscular persons or those losing muscle. For example, older persons often have lost muscle mass and, so, have more fat for a given BMI than younger persons do. Click here to Calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)

That’s why waist measurement is often checked as well. Another reason is that too much body fat in the stomach area also increases disease risk. A waist measurement of more than 35 inches in women and more than 40 inches in men is considered high.

When Should You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is generally recommended for people who are considered obese (BMI greater than or equal to 30), or for those who are overweight (BMI of 25 to 29.9) and have two or more risk factors.

Patients who are overweight, that do not have a high waist measurement, and have less than 2 risk factors may need to prevent further weight gain rather than lose weight.

Talk to your health professional to see if you are at an increased risk and if you should lose weight.

Losing Weight is Often Easier Said Than Done!

There is no magic formula for weight loss. You must eat fewer calories than you burn. Just how many calories you burn daily depends on factors such as your body size and how physically active you are.

If you have to lose weight, it’s important to do so slowly. Aim for losing no more than 1/2 to 1 kilogram a week. 500 grams equals 3,500 calories. So, to lose 500 grams a week, you need to eat 500 calories a day less or burn 500 calories a day more than you usually do.

Try starting with a weight loss of 10 percent of your current body weight over 6 months. This is the healthiest way to lose weight — and importantly — it offers the best chance of long-term success.

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Setting the right goals is an important first step. Most people trying to lose weight focus on just that one goal: weight loss. However, the most productive areas to focus on are the dietary and exercise changes that will lead to long-term weight change …

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Calculate your Body Mass Index Now!
If you know your height and weight, then you can very easily
calculator your BMI right now.

There are many things you can do to prevent heart disease and/or just stay healthy:


… the combination of Vedic Meditation, for twenty minutes twice a day, with a good diet – especially a low fat, low salt diet – and physical exercise, should see a dramatic change in your health.

Vedic Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques available for reducing stress and anxiety. It is also one of the easiest to learn and simplest to practice.

If you are in Auckland (NZ) call me, Warwick Jones, on 021 532 768. Or email to find our how Vedic Meditation could help you achieve better health.

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