Living with the Himalayan Masters

By Swami Rama

Living with the Himalayan Masters

One of the greatest masters from the Himalayas, Swami Rama is the founder of the Himalayan Institute.

Born India, he studied in both India and Europe and received his spiritual training in the Himalayan cave monasteries and in Tibet.

Living With the Himalayan Masters reveals the many facets of this singular adept and demonstrates his embodiment of the living tradition of the East.

Swami Rama, “I will tell you how I grew up and how I was trained, about the great sages with whom I lived and what they taught me, not through lectures and books but through experiences.”

These stories record his personal quest for truth and enlightenment.

Inspiring, illuminating, entertaining, mystifying, and frequently humorous, they bring you face-to-face with the great Himalayan Masters, including: Mataji of Assam, a ninety-six-year-old sage who never slept Gudari Baba, who taught Swami Rama the value of direct experience Yogi Sri Aurobindo, who integrated meditation with action Uria Baba, who teaches that every human being has a potential for healing Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation.

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