Depression Symptoms in Men

The rate of suicide in men is four times that of women, though more women attempt it

Depression Symptoms in Men

Although men are less likely to suffer from depression than women, men are also less likely to admit to being depressed.

Men, therefore are also less willing than a woman to seek help, and doctors are less likely to suspect it.

The rate of suicide in men is four times that of women, though more women attempt it. In fact, after age 70, the rate of men’s suicide rises, reaching a peak after age 85.

Depression can also affect the physical health in men differently from women. A new study shows that, although depression is associated with an increased risk of coronary heart disease in both men and women, only men suffer a high death rate.

Depression Symptoms in Men

The symptoms of depression in men can be hard to spot because they are often masked by alcohol or drugs, or by the socially acceptable habit of working excessively long hours.

Depression typically shows up in men not as feeling hopeless and helpless, but as being irritable, angry, and discouraged; hence, depression may be difficult to recognise as such in men. Even if a man realises that he is depressed, he may be less willing than a woman to seek help.

Encouragement and support from concerned family members can make a difference. In the workplace, employee assistance professionals or worksite mental health programs can be of assistance in helping men understand and accept depression as a real illness that needs treatment.


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