Risk Factors Contributing to High Blood Pressure

Even modern science, can’t explain why most cases of high blood pressure occur, so it’s difficult to understand how to prevent it

Risk Factors Contributing to High Blood PressureHowever, the risk factors contributing to high blood pressure are known and understood.

Which is all well and good, but most people are happy to ignore the risk factors until its too late. That means most cases of high blood pressure are preventable.

In other words, a lot of high blood pressure is caused by poor lifestyle choices. Not enough exercise, too much salt, not dealing with stress, smoking cigarettes, drinking too much alcohol, poor sleep etc

Prevent and control high blood pressure by taking action.

The regular practice of Vedic Meditation can reduce stress and improve overall health. And other taking time to meditate each day, there is no need for dramatic changes to one’s lifestyle.

Therefore the combination of Vedic Meditation with a good diet and physical exercise should see a dramatic reduction in high blood pressure.

In Risk Factors section, you will learn more about the most common risk factors contributing to high blood pressure, cardiovascular and heart disease.

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Monitoring Blood Pressure at Home
One of the greatest benefits of monitoring your blood pressure yourself is that you will have a much better understanding of your condition.

There are many things you can do to prevent heart disease and / or just stay healthy:

img_warwick_jonessmlr… the combination of Vedic Meditation, for twenty minutes twice a day, with a good diet – especially a low fat, low salt diet – and physical exercise, should see a dramatic change in your health.

Vedic Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques available for reducing stress and anxiety. It is also one of the easiest to learn and simplest to practice.

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