Frequently Asked Questions About High Blood Pressure

If you have recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure you will have lots of questions. That being the case, we hope that you find the following frequently asked questions about high blood pressure useful.

Can Smoking Cigarettes Cause High Blood Pressure?
No. However, it can temporarily raise blood pressure, and it DOES increase the risk of heart and blood vessel diseases. More…

Does Stress Cause High Blood Pressure?
Yes, stress can make blood pressure go up for a while, and it has been thought to contribute to high blood pressure. But the long-term effects of stress are as yet unclear. More…

Does Caffeine Consumption Send Your Blood Pressure Up?
The Caffeine in coffee as well as in other drinks, such as tea and sodas, only raises blood pressure temporarily. So you should be able to continue drinking caffeine, however, if you are sensitive to it or have heart disease ask your health professional for advice. More…

Can Tranquilizers and Sedatives Lower Blood Pressure?
No, tranquilizers and sedatives will not keep your blood pressure down.

Do Fats in the Diet Affect Blood Pressure?
They do not directly affect blood pressure. However, saturated fats and cholesterol in foods raise blood cholesterol, which increases the risk for heart disease. Foods high in fats also are high in calories, which must be reduced if you need to lose weight. See Healthy Eating Habits

Does High Blood Pressure or Preeclampsia During Pregnancy Cause Long-Term Heart and Blood Vessel Problems?
The effects of high blood pressure during pregnancy vary depending on the disorder and other factors. Preeclampsia does not generally increase a woman’s risk of developing chronic hypertension or other heart-related problems. Women with normal blood pressure who develop preeclampsia after the 20th week of their first pregnancy, short-term complications–including increased blood pressure–usually go away within about 6 weeks after delivery. More…

Do Vitamin Mineral Supplements such as Potassium, Calcium or Magnesium Help Lower Blood Pressure?
So far, research has shown that potassium does lower blood pressure. Studies have not indicated that calcium and magnesium supplements prevent high blood pressure. More…

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